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Adapting to the unkown

Lately, I find myself thinking: if this wasn’t all so screwed up, it could actually be beautiful…. extra family time in our home together and a strong appreciation for moments spent in nature.
In the past two weeks I’ve cycled through all the stages of grief. After the shock and crippling anxiety, there was anger and fear that the stability I’d worked so hard to build in my business and my personal life was crumbling before my eyes; all this a few short months prior to the birth of my first child.
Here I thought motherhood would be the next character forming experience in my life… I never could have imagined the situation that is currently unfolding across the world; a world that never before seemed so small. And me, at the helm of a business which many people rely upon for real nutrition, making decisions each day that impact the lives and livelihoods of others.
After the last few stabs of panic - that we may be forced to cease operations at any moment, without notice - hope and acceptance finally took a more permanent hold on my head-space. All I can give is my best, each day, under the given circumstances and with the knowledge that is immediately available to me. And if I give my best, I can sleep at night knowing that whatever happens, we will get through this. Some scenarios are less messy than others, but no matter what, we will persevere. All of us.
And while I needed to grieve the comfortable life I loved and enjoyed immensely just a few weeks ago, I am prepared now to adapt to and thrive within this interim period, whilst forging what will become the next iteration of the life I love.

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