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We're okay

My dad said it best in a text message earlier today:
“Don’t be worrying about me… I’m just fine. Take care of yourselves and we’ll have a helluva party when this is over.”
Each one of us has been affected by the pandemic in innumerable ways. And each person’s experience is so eye opening. You know the stories I’m talking about: the ones you hear from your friends and neighbors or in an email update from an organization that you are or once were a part of. Each time I hear about another person's circumstances, I count the many reasons why I’m grateful. Here are a few:
I am grateful for a comfortable home where I love to spend time with my amazing husband (and Mindy). I am grateful for a healthy pregnancy, the first six months of which were relatively stress-free and easy. I am grateful that my business is able to safely remain open; that we’ve been able to maintain our incredible staff and are able to continually provide nutritious products to appreciative customers. I’m grateful that my family is healthy and safe.
So don’t worry about us. We’re okay. Take care of yourselves. We love you and we can’t wait to see you again, when it’s safe.

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