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What to expect if you pick up at our Lawrenceville store during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our Lawrenceville store remains OPEN, but with a few tweaks to make it even more safe for you to pick up your juice under the current circumstances. Here's what you can expect if you visit our store:

  • per PA state mandate, customers are required to wear masks when entering a store
  • both lobby doors are being kept propped open during business hours to facilitate a contact-free experience
  • we ask that only one person (or one family) enters the store at a time
  • our products are no longer available to "grab" and go, instead you can order from the Juicologist and we'll pull your order from behind the counter, under sanitary conditions
  • if you did not already pre-order and pay over the phone, we encourage you to use the gloves we have available at our point of sale to sign for your transaction or allow us to sign for you
  • a large plexi-glass safety guard now separates the Juicologist from the customer and your juice will be handed through to you, under the plexi-glass when your order is complete

We are always looking for ways to improve our safety measures as well as your customer experience. Please feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments below.

Hours of Operation at PJC in Lawrenceville
Monday - Friday: 7am - 6:30pm
Saturday - Sunday*: 9am - 5pm

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