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Elderberry Sea Moss Gel
Elderberry Sea Moss Gel

Elderberry Sea Moss Gel

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Superfood Plus Sea Moss Gel with Elderberry - 16 oz

sea moss, purified water, elderberries

Dr. Tammy's Sea Moss Gel was created to help the body fight back against everyday aging and inflammation, and to promote what could be called "the anti's" anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. Elderberries add to these already amazing benefits.

Elderberries are packed with antioxidants known to fight pathogens and allergens, improve heart health, control diabetes, promote bone strength, reduce wrinkles and age spots, eliminate constipation, boost immune health by regulating cytokines, keep cholesterol under control and promote a healthy respiratory system. 
Sea Moss Gel comes in a gel form, which you can mix into food or smoothies, or you can take it on it's own.