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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we get about Pittsburgh Juice Company (PJC) we'd like to answer for you: 

1.  Do you have anything that is gluten free? 

YES!  Everything is gluten free, from cold-pressed juices to nourishing smoothies, and even food items (that includes our famous granola, too!).  You can feel confident ordering from PJC if you're looking to avoid gluten in a healthy and tasty way.


2.  Are all of your items vegan?

Another YES!  Seeking out a place specifically for vegan options?  Look no further:  Enjoy our juices, smoothies, and treats without worry, we're proud to be one of Pittsburgh's all vegan options. 

PS. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy our products.  Our non-vegan customers love trying all of our goodies.  We've got something for everyone!


3.  How much of your juice and food are organic?

We pride ourselves at PJC to be pure and organic.  Everything that goes into our famous 16 ounce glass bottles (and now our wholesale line, too!) is organic, so you can feel good about what you're putting in your body.


4.  Can I freeze my glass bottles? 

We strongly recommend you do NOT put PJC glass bottles in the freezer.  The glass can crack or shatter (leading to an explosive mess) as the juice or smoothie solidifies.  Remember, you can always schedule an order for a later date, avoiding any temptation to freeze. 


5.  But I've put glass in the freezer before.  What happens if I decide to freeze those glass bottles anyway?

PJC bottles are best kept in the refrigerator.  We are not responsible for any cracks, shatters, or explosions you may find after freezing your purchases.  


6.  How many servings come in one of your glass bottles?

Technically, our signature 16 oz. glass bottles holds two servings (but that doesn't stop us from guzzling down an entire Berry Watermelon on a hot day in the 'Burgh!).  


7.  How do we recycle your glass bottles?

You're in luck!  PJC has a rewards program, promoting recycling while rewarding our customers with store credit.  Whether you're picking up at our Lawrenceville location or you're having juice delivered, you can benefit from our customer loyalty program.  Sign up today, it's free!


8.  My juice looks different from the last time I ordered from you.  Did you change your recipe/process?

While our recipes and juicing process remain the same, variety and climate are big factors when it comes to fresh, raw, organic produce.   Sometimes it alters the look, taste, and/or smell of the end result. PJC taste tests each batch to make sure we give you the best possible juice to offer.  If you do order and you find that something might be off, tell us!  We love hearing from you and we will do our best to make your PJC experience a great one! 


9.  Is curbside service an option?

It sure is!  When you place your order online, feel free to add under the notes that you're requesting curbside pickup.  We'll be happy to place your order either in our vestibule or right at your car door, whatever is comfortable for you.


10.  Do you have free parking at Pittsburgh Juice Company?

We do have free street parking all up and down Penn Avenue on the 34th block.  There is a loading zone marked in yellow we ask customers to not use; that space for our juice van and curbside pick-up orders.  Several neighboring businesses also rely on the load-in area, so we encourage you to park on both sides of Penn Avenue.  If you're running in quickly to pick up your Witch's Brew, please pull all the way up or down to make room for load-ins. . . you just never know when we'll appear with more juice!


11.  How long can I leave my juice out of the fridge?

We recommend that you leave your juice in the fridge until you are ready to drink it.  If it's been sitting out for a little while, that's okay, but after a couple of hours you may want to finish drinking it!


12.  Are your juices, smoothies, and foods able to be consumed after their best buy date?

All of our products have a best buy date stamped or stickered directly on them for your convenience.  Please note that when consuming after the best buy date to keep in mind you're consuming at your own discretion.  Even if refrigerated, we recommend you take a look for discoloration while taking a quick sniff when assessing your post-best buy product.  

13.  Where can I find your nutritional information?

You can find some of our info on our website.  If you click onto a product, like Mother of Dragons, you will see a thumbnail photo of the nutritional content.  Don't see a photo?  We may have a few products without them; you can always message us online to find what you're looking for!










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