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Where to find us:

PJC's flagship store is located in the lively Lawrenceville neighborhood, within an Art Deco building overlooking Doughboy Square. Our second location is downtown within One Oxford Centre's second level lobby.

On Saturdays 9am-1pm you can find us at the Bloomfield Saturday Market.

The Pittsburgh Juice Company - Lawrenceville

3418 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15201

Monday - Friday: 7AM-6:30PM

Saturday & Sunday: 9AM-5PM

PJC Downtown @ One Oxford Centre

301 Grant Street, Second Level Lobby, Pittsburgh PA 15219

Monday - Friday: 7AM-2PM

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

directions to our downtown location

The Pittsburgh Juice Company's downtown location is within the Level 2 lobby of One Oxford Centre, directly beside the conference center and the elevator bank to the parking garages and the Rivers Club.

If you enter through the Grant Street Entrance you will take the escalator upstairs, past the concierge and through the hallway to the lobby area.

Please note, the juice company is NOT downstairs in the food court.

The most direct entrance to the juice company from the street is the escalator from the corner of Smithfield Street and Fourth Avenue, adjacent to Fine Wine & Good Spirits.

If you enter the building through one of the elevator banks, take it to Level 2.

Lawrenceville Store

3418 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15201

Mon - Fri 7am - 6:30pm
Sat - Sun 9am - 4pm

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