Get ready for spring with a Juice Program

Let’s do a juice cleanse!

Since the world is under quarantine orders and there are fewer distractions or temptations, I decided now would be a good time to try one of the Juice Programs offered by The Pittsburgh Juice Company!

PJC has four different Juice Programs that appeal to all kinds of juice drinkers. For beginners there is Program 1 - Getting Juicy. For those craving a balance of vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes with minimal naturally occurring sugars, there is Program 2 - Balance. For those looking for the maximum detox, Program 3 - Evergreen is available. And for those wanting to experience the benefits of adding diverse nutrients to their diet there is Program 4 - Drink the Rainbow

For this juice cleanse, I decided to try one day of Program 4 - Drink the Rainbow. In full transparency, I had previously tried one day of Program 1 - Getting Juicy and I made it through five of the six drinks included in the program before giving into my cravings for a pizza. However, I really enjoyed the juices from Program 1, mainly the Green Juice and Cashew Mylk, so I wanted to try a similar program for this juice cleanse. 

All PJC juice programs are comprised of six 16 oz juices. Program 4 - Drink the Rainbow includes Berry Watermelon, Carrot Apple Ginger, Drink Me, Root Juice, Turmeric Lemonade, and Witch’s Brew. Five of these six are cold-pressed juices, with Drink Me being the sole smoothie. 

PJC recommends that Drink the Rainbow be enjoyed in the following order:

  1. Carrot Apple Ginger
  2. Witch’s Brew
  3. Drink Me
  4. Root Juice
  5. Turmeric Lemonade
  6. Berry Watermelon 

To give some personal insight into completing one day of a juice program, as well as an insight into each juice, I will give a testimony of my experience with Program 4 - Drink the Rainbow.


First up: Carrot Apple Ginger. We learned a little bit about Carrot Apple Ginger in a previous Cold Off the Press blog “Juice vs Smoothie” when we looked into the many benefits of juicing a carrot. Carrot Apple Ginger is often the first drink in any PJC Juice Program since its ingredients are chock full of nutrients that help to kick start the immune system and metabolism. 

To be frank, I am not a fan of carrots unless I can eat them raw and doused in ranch dressing, but, at the same time, I can appreciate the Carrot Apple Ginger juice thanks to my love of ginger. The taste of carrot is prominent, but the pairing of ginger and Granny Smith apple gives the Carrot Apple Ginger a little bit of a fiery kick to start off the juice cleanse. 


Second juice: Witch’s Brew. This juice is semi-famous in the sense that it was developed for the cast and crew of the 2015 movie The Last Witch Hunter, which was filmed in Pittsburgh. Witch’s Brew is a fan favorite at PJC and offers a low sugar, high nutrient option. With just a hint of sweetness and a complex flavor, Witch’s Brew offers maximum detox and cleansing properties. 

I am new to healthy eating and juicing, if you couldn’t tell by my need to devour a frozen pizza within an hour of ending my last juice cleanse, and I am also a picky eater who is nervous to try anything new. After hearing good reviews of the Witch’s Brew, I convinced myself to try it and boy am I glad I did. When I first thought of green juice, I imagined it tasting like grass, but when I first tasted Witch’s Brew, my eyes were opened to a smooth tasting juice with a fresh aftertaste. I now make sure to drink Witch’s Brew a few times a week. 


Drink Me

Next up: Drink Me, the lone smoothie in a sea of juice and my personal favorite! Drink Me is another fan favorite at PJC for its vanilla milkshake-like qualities. This smoothie contains Blue Majik spirulina, which is an algae that is highly anti-inflammatory and high in protein and antioxidants. 

Story time! Drink Me was the first thing I tried from PJC and it was also the first thing I made when I started working at PJC! Drink Me is one of the sweeter tasting drink options and it actually does taste like a vanilla milkshake. Having Drink Me as the third drink in a whole day of consuming juice helps to curb your appetite and add energy into your body. I definitely drank this one the fastest! 


Root Juice

Drink number four: Root Juice. PJC’s Root Juice is made up of beet, carrot, apple, celery, lemon, and ginger and is an enhanced version of the Carrot Apple Ginger juice. Root Juice is good for cardiovascular health, as well as the menstrual cycle. 

Ladies, this is no joke! The Root Juice is a go-to choice of mine when menstrual cramps happen. Not only does it help with that time of the month, but I find the Root Juice to be easy to drink. I don’t think I would like the Root Juice if beets were the only ingredient. The ginger and lemon help to add brightness to the more tame-tasting ingredients of beets and celery with the carrot and apple adding their own flare. It is the mix of all these ingredients that make PJC’s Root Juice a top choice of mine. Fair warning, Root Juice will probably turn your urine red! 


Next up, number five: Turmeric Lemonade. Turmeric Lemonade blends orange juice with spices such as turmeric and peppercorn. This combination of ingredients is highly anti-inflammatory, tart, and refreshing. The entire orange and lemon are pressed to make this juice, providing the highest amount of Vitamin C available. A Lot of the Vitamin C comes from the white pith of the orange. 

I am not a fan of orange juice, but PJC’s Turmeric Lemonade is an orange juice I enjoy drinking. There is a slight “spicy” taste to this juice due to the peppercorn and turmeric, but overall, this is a juice that is easy and enjoyable to drink and is a good fifth drink in this Juice Program. 


Lastly, drum roll please: Berry Watermelon! This super refreshing juice is made from watermelon and strawberries. The watermelon promotes heart health while the berries are full of antioxidants and are a good skin toner. Berry Watermelon is often compared to “summertime in a bottle!” 

If you want a nice refreshing drink on a sunny, hot day (or something that reminds you of one, when it’s not), then look no further! When I am working at the Lawrenceville location on a hot day when the garage doors are open, you will find me sipping a Berry Watermelon juice, reveling in the smooth taste of watermelon. 

We did it! Program 4 - Drink the Rainbow is complete! The key thing I learned from my first attempt at a juice cleanse to this one was the importance of drinking water. PJC recommends drinking 6-8 cups of water in conjunction with the Juice Program. Surprisingly, dehydration was one of the main reasons I wasn’t able to complete my first juice cleanse. 

Another important thing to note about completing a juice cleanse is how to integrate food back into your diet. You have already put in the hard work, but the benefits do not have to stop there. PJC recommends reintroducing fresh foods with lots of fiber over the next three to five days. The following are some examples: fresh fruits and veggies, healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, or coconut oil. If you do eat meat, it should be slowly reintroduced into your diet. You should also try to avoid refined sugars and dairy. 

Ready to try a Juice Program for yourself? Click here for more information on all the different Juice Programs PJC has to offer. 

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