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Behind the mask: up close and personal with the Juice Team

Have you ever wondered about the faces behind The Pittsburgh Juice Company? Well, here is your chance to learn more about the PJC juice team! 

Did you know the PJC team is broken up into two parts: retail and production? The Lawrenceville store is where you can go to pick up your favorite PJC treats while the Production kitchen is where a majority of those treats are created! 


Let's meet the Lawrenceville team! 

Zayne joined PJC in January of this year. Prior to the pandemic, you would typically find Zayne in our One Oxford Center location (now closed) where he was the Location Coordinator. Now, you can find him in our Lawrenceville location. Some of Zayne’s current favorites at PJC are the seasonal Pumpkin Mylk, Mother of DragonsCarrot Apple Ginger, and the Carrot Cake. Outside of work, you can find Zayne taking care of his cat, watching his favorite TV shows, or taking pictures.  If he could travel anywhere, Zayne would go to Fiji to fulfill his lifelong dream to visit there. Zayne’s favorite part of working with PJC is the ability to build lasting relationships with our wonderful customers. 


Jane also joined the PJC team back in January of this year. Jane’s favorite juice is the Super Green and her favorite smoothie is the seasonal Cacao Blast. Jane enjoys to read, paint or draw, and crochet. Jane’s favorite part of working at PJC is the positive influence it has played towards integrating healthy plant-based eating into her life.



Katey has been with PJC since March of this year. In addition to her role as a Juicologist, she is also our content blogger (and wrote this article). Her favorite drinks are the Witch’s Brew and Power Berry. In her downtime, Katey enjoys reading mystery novels and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would love to backpack across Europe to see as much history and architecture as possible. Katey’s favorite part of working with PJC are the customer interactions, the blog writing, and the nurturing environment that is offered through the great management. 



Camille joined the PJC team in September. She is in her senior year at Pitt where she is studying film and communications. Camille’s favorite PJC items are the Carrot Apple Ginger and Hummus of the Day. Outside of work, Camille enjoys drawing, playing guitar, and bike riding. If she could travel anywhere, she would be happy to visit any beach. Camille’s favorite part of working with PJC is learning how to make all of the drinks made at the Lawrenceville store. 


Maia also started at PJC with Camille in September. Maia is currently studying ballet with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater in addition to attending online classes with the University of Florida where she studies Sociology. Maia’s favorite drinks offered at PJC are the Witch’s Brew, Mother of Dragons, and Root Juice. Outside of work and school, Maia enjoys writing, photography, and painting. If she could travel anywhere, she would want to visit Thailand for the architecture and food. Her favorite part of working with PJC are all of the customers she gets to interact with because they are all so nice and friendly. 


Let's meet the production team!  

Sandy joined in August of 2019. Her favorite juice is the C3Live and her favorite smoothie is the seasonal Pumpkin Mylk. She also enjoys our Cold Press Coffee which she often mixes with the Pumpkin Mylk. Outside of work, Sandy is a phenomenal artist. In fact, you can find one of her works in the lobby at our Lawrenceville store. Sandy also enjoys gardening, reading a good book, and sleeping. Her favorite parts about working with PJC, are the people and the good food. 


Courtney joined the production team this past summer. A few of her favorite PJC drinks include the Black Beauty Water, Drink Me, and Green Juice. She also loves all of the dips we make, including the Spinach Dip and the Hummus of the Day. Outside of work, Courtney loves to cook, do arts and crafts, watch TV, and travel. If she could travel anywhere, she would like to visit Iceland next. Her favorite part of working for PJC is the healthy work environment and the chance to be creative with the food items. 


In August of this year, Casey joined the team. Casey’s favorite drink offered by PJC is the Lavender Lemonade and his favorite food is the Thai Coconut Fresh Rolls. Outside of work, Casey is an avid cyclist who also enjoys playing his acoustic guitar. If he could travel anywhere, he would like to visit the Zion National Park in Utah so he can feel like Tarzan! Casey’s favorite part of working at PJC involves the ability to work at your own, stress-free, relaxed paced (which he says is not the case at other restaurants!).



Alexa, our food artist, also joined the team in August. Her role is solely focused on creating and developing our food menu. In fact, most of the new food items have been a combination of hers and Courtney’s minds. Alexa’s favorite items offered at PJC are the Drink Me and the Spinach Dip. In her spare time, Alexa collects resin ball-jointed dolls from Korea. If not for the pandemic, Alexa would have been able to go to Disney World in Florida this year. So, once the travel restrictions are lifted, you can bet she plans on rescheduling that visit! Alexa's favorite part of working for PJC is the vegan environment she is surrounded by. 


Marie, also Sandy’s daughter, joined the crew in September. Marie is a Freshman at American University where she studies International Studies. Due to the pandemic, she is taking courses online from home this semester.  Marie's favorite smoothie is the Cashew Mocha and her favorite food is the Thai Coconut Fresh Rolls. Marie’s hobbies outside of work include writing and playing video games, specifically Sims 4. If she could travel anywhere, Marie would want to travel to France! Her favorite part of working at PJC is making the juices and the samples that are sometimes leftover! 


Our newest member of the crew is Cecilia, who just started in October. Her favorite smoothie, at this time, is the Drink Me. Cecilia is currently a freshman at the Columbus College of Art and Design, also taking online courses this semester. Her hobbies outside of work and school are playing guitar, bike riding, and drawing. Like Marie, she also would travel to France. In her short time with PJC, Cecilia already loves to operate our cold-press juicer and the chance to mix all of the ingredients together to make our juices. 


Let's meet the management team! 

The driving force behind PJC come from the mother-daughter duo of Barbara and Naomi. Together, these two women are a big part of what makes PJC such a reliable neighborhood business! 


In 2013, Naomi, Owner and Director of PJC, lead the creation and development of PJC. Naomi is the shining face and brilliant mind behind The Pittsburgh Juice Company. From its inception, her passion and drive has allowed PJC to grow into the company it is today. Since PJC's beginning, the inventory has expanded from a few juices and smoothies to three full shelves of drinks and a wide variety of food options. Without this growth, our best selling, and Naomi's favorite, Witch's Brew might never have been created.  For more information on the origins of PJC, check out Naomi's story


Naomi was joined in 2019 by her mom, Barbara, who set aside her career as a geologist and came onboard as our Operations Coordinator. As PJC has grown, Barb has been there to help keep up with the day-to-day activities. In her role, Barb is responsible for many of the behind the scenes requirements such as inventory, logistics, compliance, etc! To help make the job a little easier, Barb typically enjoys a Cashew Mocha for a little extra, but much needed, boost! 

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