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What does raw vegan mean?

Raw vegan means, whole, plant-based ingredients and no nonsense! Raw vegan food is made from ingredients that are as close as possible to being alive and growing from the ground. Because these ingredients are so fresh, raw vegan food offers more essential nutrients, vitamins and enzymes than foods that have been processed, cooked or preserved. With no added sugars, no preservatives or artificial flavoring, the simple make-up of raw vegan food makes it especially easy for your body to digest.

At PJC all of our raw vegan creations are also gluten-free and organic.  This is our commitment because we believe eating and drinking organic becomes even more important with a plant-based diet.

If you google “raw vegan” you will find the focus of the information is about a cooking temperature under 105°F. To us the major difference between a vegan and a raw vegan diet isn’t the temperature, it’s the quality of the fresh ingredients.

Since raw veganism is technically one of the most restrictive diets, at PJC we love to recreate comfort foods and desserts with a raw vegan twist. Check out, for example, our raw vegan pad Thai, broccoli, falafel and desserts such as pecan pie, cupcakes, and cheesecakes.  After all, why not have your cake and be nourished too!

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