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Berry Blast Smoothie Bowl

Berry Blast Smoothie Bowl

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Available until 2pm daily.  Please allow 15 minutes for preparation.

Base: unsweetened açaí, blueberries and strawberries blended with banana

Recommended Toppings: strawberries, cacao nibs, cashews, banana and house-made gluten-free granola

16 oz.

Available Toppings:

Banana | Pineapple | Strawberry | Cranberry | Coconut | Chia | Oats | Hemp Hearts | Ground Flax | Cacao Nibs | Granola | Sunflower Seeds | Cashews | Pecans | Pepitas | Fresh Mint | Protein Powder| Maca | Almond Butter

all ingredients are whole and organic

all products are made with care in small batches