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Heirloom Superfood Market

Organic produce, bulk superfoods, unique local brands and hard to find items... Now Open in Pittsburgh's Strip District!

When the Pittsburgh Juice Company launched its flagship store in Lawrenceville in 2014, one of the goals was to make organic produce and superfoods more accessible to the surrounding neighborhoods. Four years later, Heirloom Superfood Market represents this goal coming to fruition... and so much more!

At Heirloom Superfood Market you can rely upon a carefully curated selection of conscientiously sourced, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options.  You might visit Heirloom on a regular shopping trip or it might serve as a destination where you enjoy exploring new grocery items and holistic treasures.


The Impact

Lawrenceville and the Upper Strip District and surrounding neighborhoods are often referred to as food deserts, where residents are forced to either leave their neighborhoods to buy groceries, grocery shop at convenience stores or rely upon fast food or restaurant food.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, people who live in food deserts have a higher rate of obesity, diabetes, and other food-related diseases than those who have easy and ready access to abundant food.  While the Central Strip District offers a variety of bulk ethnic foods, an organic health food market is something that does not exist anywhere in the surrounding area.  Because The Pittsburgh Juice Company already keeps an array of bulk superfoods and produce in stock for their own ingredients, Heirloom Superfood Market is a logical step in their business development and also toward neighborhood vitality.


Pioneers of the Upper Strip District

Heirloom Superfood Market is located in the middle of two booming neighborhoods: Lawrenceville and the Central Strip District, with easy access to Route 28 from the 31st Street Bridge.  By activating the 31st Street corridor we will be taking a step toward joining these neighborhoods.  When the Pittsburgh Juice Company opened four years ago (three blocks from Heirloom) Lower Lawrenceville was experiencing a similar shift toward become more densely populated and pedestrian friendly.  With Heirloom we are excited to be a part of another anchor in the growth and development of this thriving neighborhood.