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Supernova Wellness Shot

Supernova Wellness Shot

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Supernova wellness shots consist of potent ginger and lemon - nothing else - and they pack a powerful punch of flavor.  They are great first thing in the morning to kick start your metabolism, digestion and immune systems.  They are great at 3pm as an alternative to that third coffee of the day.  Being so small and nutrient-dense they also travel well - even on an airplane.  If you enjoy more of a mild flavor, you can add bits of these shots to your water, sparkling water or iced tea.  Any way you choose to consume them, know that these tiny juices are packed with vitamins, nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties.

These wellness shots are cold-pressed and high pressure protected (HPP) providing a longer shelf life so you can stock up and keep them at home.

Organic Ingredients:

ginger and lemon