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A thanksgiving thanks

I wanted to post about how grateful I am for our customer base at The Pittsburgh Juice Company but I wasn’t sure what photo to include. Then Marty came in and made my day.

By changing the way he eats and working out Marty has lost about 100 pounds. He credits our raw vegan cheesecake for helping him eliminate unhealthy sweets from his diet. When he pre-ordered a 9” cheesecake for Thanksgiving I pointed out that many people fall off the wagon when holidays roll around. Marty shook his head and said “No, I’ve worked too hard for that!

Marty left and then Cathy dropped by after yoga, then Henry, then Leila. And that’s the point. I am so grateful to all of our customers for allowing us the opportunity to grow as a business; for purchasing our products with a regularity that allows us to stock an abundance of fresh, wholesome food and drink on our shelves daily.

Having grown this business from scratch, I’ll never take for granted the individual people who walk through our doors every day to buy juice. Some of them are regulars. Some of them are newbies. Some of them only stop by when they happen to be in the neighborhood and some of them are returning bottles from a cleanse they did a year ago. But every single day customers walk through the door and I can’t express my gratitude enough.

We have a lot of exciting growth, evolution and big news to unveil in the coming year, but above all at PJC we are committed to providing the same high quality, small batch, organic, whole ingredient food, smoothies and cold-pressed juices that our customers have deemed worthy of their continual support and patronage.

I hope everyone has a perfect Thanksgiving with their families and friends. Maybe you’ll be like Marty or maybe not. Either way PJC will be open Friday at 9am to pick up wherever you left off.

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