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We're okay

Each one of us has been affected by the pandemic in innumerable ways. And each person’s experience is so eye opening. You know the stories I’m talking about: the ones you hear from your friends and neighbors or in an email update from an organization that you are or once were a part of. Each time I hear about another person's circumstances, I count the many reasons why I’m grateful.
Adapting to the unkown

Adapting to the unkown

In the past two weeks I’ve cycled through all the stages of grief. After the shock and crippling anxiety, there was anger and fear that the stability I’d worked so hard to build in my business and my personal life was crumbling before my eyes; all this a few short months prior to the birth of my first child.

Big Island Juice Round Up: Hawaii

As the owner and operator of a cold pressed juicery, it’s no secret that I drink a lot of juice. So when I travel, one of the first questions is “where will I get my juice fix?”  This results in what I like to call “juice tourism.”  As juicing becomes more common and the benefits are more widely recognized, juice spots are popping up left and right.  The Big Island of Hawaii is no exception, and while I was there I did my best to try them all.  Here's a round up of my favorite spots.
You do what you have to do

You do what you have to do

We’ve come a looong way from when the original “little juicer” was tucked into a corner of our tiny storefront. Now even our commercial kitchen at Heirloom Superfood Market can be a tight fit at times.

Someone I’d like you to meet

Though I had very few worldly possessions or responsibilities at this time, I had gained a truly valuable skill: how to ride the waves and roll with the punches in life. I had learned to maintain a sense of humility while cultivating the energy and enthusiasm of the world, but I had yet to find a focal point to concentrate these forces. After a couple failed attempts, that nexus would prove to be The Pittsburgh Juice Company, and I would pour my whole self into it.


The most important thing I’ve learned over the years is that you have to be good to yourself if you’re going to be any good for anyone else. I’m still working on that, but as I grow into a time of my life when I also act as a role model and mentor to others who I care about, this goal becomes ever more important.

Easing in

I remember the phases of realization... first I learned how important breathe was in my overall function as a yogi (and as a human).

Then I learned that, depending on the day, my body didn’t always have the same flexibility, comfort or strength. Some days I could ease right into a certain posture, while the very next day that posture would be a challenge.

Eventually I got the point...

Progress and projects

Progress and projects

There is still a part of me that is amazed and surprised each time a long-term project comes to fruition. It’s not that I don’t believe in my own process. It’s just that planning projects and putting the pieces in place can take so long... sometimes it feels like the planning will go on forever. Today, with the addition of this little cutie to The Pittsburgh Juice Company line-up, we close out a project that began last October.

Introducing Heirloom Superfood Market

When we launched The Pittsburgh Juice Company, one of our goals was to make organic produce and superfoods more accessible to the surrounding neighborhoods. Four years later, Heirloom Superfood Market represents this goal coming to fruition... and so much more!

At Heirloom Superfood Market you can rely upon a carefully curated selection of conscientiously sourced, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options.  You might visit Heirloom on a regular shopping trip or it might serve as a destination where you enjoy exploring new grocery items and holistic treasures. 

Small Business Financing - a campaign to give back

Small Business Financing - a campaign to give back

What I love about Honeycomb is the opportunity it provides for people who believe in our business to invest in us for a competitive return.

Reflections on backward bending

For me backward bending is always a clear indicator of how open and honest I am with myself on a physiological level.

Take care of yourself so you can take care of everyone else

My first acupuncture experience was at a community event hosted by Pure to the People. It had been a particularly stressful morning, which I relayed to the acupuncturist who placed the needles accordingly. The result: the same sense of immediate openness and relief I usually associate with deep backward bending in a yoga class.