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The Basics: Green Juice & Yoga

I distinctly remember the sense of awe I experienced the first time I watched a carrot being fed through a centrifuge juicer, instantaneously yielding brilliant orange liquid from the other end... I remember the aromatic pleasure as ginger and apple quickly followed the fate of that carrot.

I often witness the same awe in the eyes of children who accompany their parents to the Juice Company and watch as a handful of wheatgrass is transformed into beautiful emerald liquid before their eyes.

Once you get past the magic of solid being transformed into liquid state, it's easy to appreciate the simplicity behind Fresh Juice: to literally drink in the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes of organic fruits and vegetables grown in the warmth of the sun.... no nonsense added and no goodness removed. This "it is what it is" concept is a rare commodity in our over-processed, over-synthesized and over-sweetened food culture.  As an Organic Juice Company owner and manager, I am around surrounded by people who challenge that norm every day and after some reflection about how special this is, I decided to share my experiences... so welcome!  This is a lifestyle blog.  It's about Green Juice and Yoga.  It's about flooding your body with good things then breathing, sweating and squeezing all the bad things out.  It's about feeling good by getting back to the basics.  Green Juice and Yoga are two of the most basic things on earth.

I already told you about the first time I saw a carrot being juiced, but I can't tell you about the first time I did a yoga posture... because I was a baby and I don't remember.  Babies and small children do yoga postures all the time without even knowing it.  That's because it's natural for humans to utilize our bodies to the fullest potential, something we don't typically accomplish at our 8am-6pm desk jobs.

The benefits of Green Juice and Yoga on the human body make me think of The Theory of Relativity.... just hear me out.... gravity is so basic a concept that, even before you learned the Theory, you knew objects would fall to the ground if you dropped them. But you had to take a physics class before you fully understood why. But, even after you understand why, it doesn't make you any less upset when your smart phone tumbles to the ground and shatters into smithereens.

It's been about three and a half years since I opened The Pittsburgh Juice Company and more than five years since I decided to make drinking Fresh Juice and practicing Yoga cornerstones in my life.  I'm passionate about what I do, I believe in my lifestyle and I love to share my experience with people who are interested.

So, again, welcome to my blog.  I look forward to gradually documenting the experiences and information I've acquired through living a Green Juice and Yoga lifestyle.

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