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Green Juice & Yoga

PJC Origins

PJC Origins

What we sought to build in 2013 was a small and reliable institution of easily accessible nutrition and products that promote wellness; void of any overly personal, political, religious or organized affiliation. The premise is that there are plenty of things in this world that drive people apart. Let our juice be one thing that can bring people together in the uncompromised name of health. Let the product speak for itself.

Easing in

I remember the phases of realization... first I learned how important breathe was in my overall function as a yogi (and as a human).

Then I learned that, depending on the day, my body didn’t always have the same flexibility, comfort or strength. Some days I could ease right into a certain posture, while the very next day that posture would be a challenge.

Eventually I got the point...

Small Business Financing - a campaign to give back

Small Business Financing - a campaign to give back

What I love about Honeycomb is the opportunity it provides for people who believe in our business to invest in us for a competitive return.

The Basics: Green Juice & Yoga

I distinctly remember the sense of awe I experienced the first time I watched a carrot being fed through a centrifuge juicer, instantaneously yield...